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Majudi Cap Classique

The deviant fizz of a well-made Sparkling Wine lends itself to all manner of celebration and we suggest you select your very favourite to set the mood.
The Cap Classique embodies the spirit of vibrancy and laughter optimism.

About Us

From the powerful African continent, comes a lightly sparkling wine that is made for those who enjoy and appreciate the finer things in life.
Maria Judite Come, a renewable energy, environmental service project developer in partnership with a South African winemaker brings you the Majudi Nectar Cap Classique. The Majudi Cap Classique was a passion project of mine since I was working in the Northern of Mozambique. No secret that champagne is my favourite drink, having the chance to make my own MCC was an opportunity I couldn’t miss it out, am excited about the brand and its unique and classic innovation.
The Majudi Cap Classique range compromises of strawberry, chardonnay which is a blend of Pinot Noir and has a sweet caramel finish. Chardonnay grapes were hand-picked in early morning then chilled overnight, then passed into the press the whole barriers were crushed. This is the beginning of a magical journey of detailed planning to create a Vintage Majudi Cap Classique Nectar.

Majudi Cap Classique Nectar Tasting Note

Designed to entice the lovers of sweetness, our Majudi Nectar will cuddle your heart and tickle your taste buds like never before.
A new addition to the Majudi family, this Cap Classique is built on the success of its earlier siblings, and is a blend of noble varietals Pinot Noir and chardonnay, all grapes are picked by hand, whole bunch pressed and aged on the lees for 36 months. The result is a subtle and sweeter bubble, with flavours of strawberries rose petals and caramel. Extra time on the lees gives this Nectar complexity and richness with an endless honey finish.

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